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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Arroyo elder.


{100}{}{You see the Elder of your village.}
{101}{}{It is the Elder.}
{102}{}{The Elder is just that - old, older than you can remember. Still, she has the
 strength and fire to lead the village through these hard times.}
{103}{aeld1}{Congratulations, Chosen One, you have survived the Temple of Trials. Are
 you ready for your quest?}
{104}{}{What were you doing - trying to get me killed in the temple?}
{105}{}{Of course.}
{106}{}{I'd like to think about it some more.}
{107}{aeld2a}{I am proud of you, Chosen. You have overcome much. Now. You must go find Vault
 13. Vault 13. Bring the GECK home. GECK. Here is a shiny bottle. Vic gave us this. Vic.
 He is a trader in Klamath. Klamath. Go to Vic. Find Vault 13. Find GECK. Come home. Do
 your best, child.}
{112}{aeld2b}{You not find vault. Find vault! Vault 13.}
{114}{aeld3}{Chosen One, do you wish us all dead? You must find the Vault!}
{115}{}{I'm sorry, Elder. I will not fail.}
{116}{}{Yeah, yeah. Stop yelling.}
{117}{aeld4}{Chosen One, why are you here?}
{118}{}{I know where Vault 13 is!}
{119}{}{I am ready for the holy quest.}
{120}{}{I need some more info.}
{121}{}{I'm not going to get myself killed!}
{122}{}{What was I supposed to do again?}
{123}{}{I'm going now.}
{124}{aeld5}{That is good news, but not enough to save us. You must come back soon with the
 GECK or our people will die!}
{125}{}{I need some more info.}
{126}{}{Fine, I'm going now.}
{127}{aeld6}{You survived. The Chosen One cannot be weak or we are all doomed. Are you
 prepared for your quest?}
{128}{}{I've passed the test. Of course, I'm ready.}
{129}{}{I need to think about this.}
{130}{}{I'm not going to get myself killed!}
{131}{aeld7}{Pay attention. Find the holy Vault 13 and bring back the GECK. Vic, the trader
 from Klamath, brought us the flask from the holy Thirteen. Start your search with him.
 The disk will remind you of your task. May the gods of the Vault watch over you.}
{133}{}{Before I go, I have some questions.}
{134}{}{Goodbye. I will not fail the tribe.}
{135}{aeld8}{Very well. See me when you decide - but do not wait too long.}
{137}{aeld9}{I cannot help much. So much has been lost from the Long Ago. What wisdom do you seek?}
{138}{aeld9b}{What do you need?}
{139}{}{Tell me more about the GECK.}
{140}{}{How do I get to Klamath?}
{141}{}{Where is Vault 13?}
{142}{}{On second thought, I don't need any help now. Goodbye.}
{143}{aeld10}{It is a holy artifact - the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. The disks promise it
 will make our lands green and our village prosperous. It will save us. More, I do not know.}
{144}{}{There's more I want to know.}
{146}{aeld11}{Klamath is to the east.}
{147}{}{There are other things I would learn.}
{148}{}{I am ready. Goodbye.}
{149}{aeld12}{The holy Thirteen? I can not help you. Only the Vault Dweller knew. His tales have
 the sound of a perilous journey. }
{150}{}{I see. There is much I need to know.}
{151}{}{Goodbye, Elder.}
{152}{aeld13}{Being a coward will kill us all! Including you. You passed
 the Temple Trials. We have faith in you. We need you.}
{153}{}{Not so fast, old woman. I need time to think about this!}
{154}{}{As you wish, Elder.}
{155}{aeld14a}{You've betrayed us. You will perish.}
{156}{aeld14b}{You are a traitor!}
{157}{aeld14c}{Why do you do this?}
{158}{aeld14d}{I knew you had the soul of darkness!}
{159}{aeld15}{Then take this flask. It is from the holy Vault 13. Vic, a trader in Klamath,
 brought it to us. He may know where the vault is. You may also need some of what they
 call money. Here.}
{160}{}{Uh… What was my quest again?}
{161}{}{Is there more you can tell me?}
{162}{}{Wish me luck, Elder, and I will not fail you.}
{163}{aeld16}{Find Vic in Klamath. We are counting on you.}
{164}{aeld17}{It's good to see you again, Child. I don't mean to be abrupt but I see you
 haven't completed your quest to find the holy Thirteen. Please, let's not waste time
 talking. The need of our people is great. Go find the Vault!}
{165}{}{Me go now.}
{166}{}{All right, I'm going.}
{167}{}{I will not fail you elder.}
{168}{}{I'm working on it, Ok?}
{169}{aeld18}{Once again you return without the GECK. Our crops begin to fail us, Chosen. Our
 need becomes greater with the passage of time. Go find the holy Thirteen!}
{170}{}{Ok, me go now.}
{171}{}{Yes, Elder.}
{172}{}{I will not fail you or our people, Elder.}
{173}{}{Look. If you think you can do better... }
{174}{aeld19}{Chosen One, things are not well here. We need the GECK if our village is to
 survive. Our people grow weak with hunger and our food reserves will not last much
 longer. Please, find the holy Thirteen and return to us. Go now.}
{175}{}{Me go.}
{176}{}{Very well. I'm on my way.}
{177}{}{I will do my best to find the GECK and save our village.}
{178}{}{Don't push me, old woman. I'm doing my best.}
{179}{aeld20}{Child, our need is greater than ever before. Our people sicken, the brahmin
 are dying, and our food is all but gone. The blight of the land can only be cured with
 the GECK. Go, find the GECK and save our people.}
{180}{}{Me understand.}
{181}{}{I'm on my way.}
{182}{}{Forgive me Elder. I will find the GECK without delay.}
{183}{}{Yeah, yeah. You're beginning to sound like a broken disk...}

{200}{eeld1}{Chosen One! How did you get here?}
{201}{}{Uhh… duh?}
{202}{}{I've come to rescue you.}
{203}{}{What the hell's going on here?}
{204}{eeld2}{You monster! Have you come to kill me, too?}
{206}{}{No, it's me, the Chosen One!}
{207}{}{Oh, shut up, you old bitch! It's me, your Chosen One.}
{208}{eeld3}{Oh, gods... Listen - go down. Find machine that makes power. Kill machine. Kill bad men. Kill everybody! You kill, we go home. Also, if you not have GECK then look for GECK here. Must have GECK to save village! Freedom is nothing without home to return to. Understand? Oh, gods.}
{209}{}{Uh -huh!}
{210}{eeld4}{Careful, do not touch the glow wall. I think the machine that feeds it is beneath us. Destroy it so we may escape. How did you get here?}
{211}{}{I have a ship. }
{212}{eeld5}{Men came to our village in flying machines and took us. There were others, too - from the holy Thirteen! I thought we were saved. I thought we were going to heaven. (sigh)}
{213}{}{And then?}
{214}{eeld5a}{Then they brought us here, to hell. They have killed most of us with something they call effeevee. They will kill us all before they are through!
 Do you know what must be done, Chosen One?}
{218}{eeld6}{If you destroy the machine, we will find the ship. Hurry, there are not many of us left. }
{219}{}{What happened?}
{220}{}{I understand.}
{221}{eeld7}{You must destroy the machine and kill the devils in this place. We will meet you outside! And Chosen One, if you have not found the GECK, seek it here. Our freedom is nothing if we can not save our village. Now go!}
{223}{eeld8}{I am still the Elder. Remember your place! Apologize or I will not help you anymore.}
{224}{}{Sorry, you're not an old bitch. What's going on?}
{225}{}{Like you could help me in there? Fuck off and die.}
{226}{eeld9}{Go away. You are no better than these devils. I weep you were named the Chosen One.}
{227}{eeld10}{Why are you here? Every minute you waste another of our people could be killed. And don't forget the GECK! We must have it.}
{229}{}{Where was I supposed to go?}
{230}{}{Just wanted to annoy you. I'm on it. Don't worry.}
{231}{eeld11}{(sigh) Go below. Kill. Smash machines. Go now!}
{232}{eeld12}{Listen this time! Go to the levels below us. Find the machine that makes power. Stop it and we can escape. The men here are not true to the Vault dream. They are evil. Also, if you have not yet found the GECK, seek it here. Our freedom is nothing if our village can not be saved. Now go!}
{233}{}{Got it.}
{234}{eeld13}{That is what they call it. They stick needles into our skin, like stimpacks, but then terrible things happen. Then... (chokes up)}
{235}{}{Then what?}
{236}{}{This is going to make me sick, isn't it?}
{237}{eeld13a}{Then the skin bubbles like maggots beneath it. Boils grow and burst. Blood runs from your ears and your tongue swells. Those who are lucky choke to death. Those who are not…}
{238}{}{They'll pay.}
{239}{}{That certainly was disgusting. What am I supposed to do?}