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A9-51 was a synth who escaped the Institute with the help of the Railroad. He was with a Railroad agent named Dutchman, waiting for another agent named Helena.


On a recording found in a terminal at Bedford Station, a conversation between A9 and Dutchman is heard. The two speak hurriedly wondering what is keeping Helena, only to find out that they have fallen into a trap. As five individuals close in on the station, Dutchman offers to draw them away from A9, running for the tree line. Gunfire is heard, and A9 exclaims, "No! No, I'm not going back! I can't! I won't!" before the holotape ends.[1] A bloodstain is seen on the ground and wall in front of the terminal where the holotape is found along with an abandoned pipe pistol.


If spawned via console command, A9-51 is a Gen 2 synth wearing an Institute uniform.


A9-51 is mentioned only in Fallout 4.