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A3-21's plasma rifle

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of plasma rifle models, see Plasma rifle.

The A3-21's plasma rifle is a unique weapon in Fallout 3.


A3-21's plasma rifle is an upgraded plasma rifle. It deals 50 damage at max Energy Weapons and condition and has a critical % multiplier of 2.5. The rifle has an item HP of 1,200. Each attack from A3-21's plasma rifle in V.A.T.S. uses 25 Points and the rifle has a small Weapon Spread at 0.2.


A3-21's plasma rifle can fire a total of 600 bolts, or about 50 full reloads from full condition, before breaking.



Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted) Weapon name (melee or unarmed) Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted) Weapon name (gun, energy or explosive)
Damage per attack (damage per projectile) Damage per attack (damage per projectile) Damage per second Damage per second
Area of effect damage Area of effect damage Effect damage & duration Effect damage & duration
Bonus effects Bonus effects Attacks per second Attacks per second
Critical chance % multiplier Critical chance % multiplier Critical damage Critical damage
Critical effect damage & duration Critical effect damage & duration With all mods attached With all mods attached
Attacks in V.A.T.S. Attacks in V.A.T.S. Action point cost Action point cost
Damage per action point Damage per action point Weapon spread Weapon spread
Magazine capacity (shots per reload) Magazine capacity (shots per reload) Durability (number of attacks before breaking) Durability (number of attacks before breaking)
Weight Weight Value in caps Value in caps
Value to weight ratio Value to weight ratio Skill required Skill required
Strength required Strength required
Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Damage per attack (damage per projectile)Damage per secondAttacks per secondCritical Chance % multiplierCritical damageAction Point costDamage per action pointWeapon spreadMagazine capacity (shots per reload)Durability (number of attacks before breaking)WeightValue in capsValue to weight ratio
Plasma rifle 45
A3-21's plasma rifle 50


  • A3-21's plasma rifle is carried by Harkness, and can be received by the player character through two of the endings of The Replicated Man quest.

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  • Any regular plasma rifle will set Harold on fire, but like all unique weapons, Harkness' does not. It will still detonate gas leaks like most other energy weapons.
  • This plasma rifle is unavailable after completing "The Replicated Man" by giving Dr. Zimmer the android component. It is still possible to receive the rifle and complete the quest this way, but it must be obtained before giving Zimmer the component.
  • At full condition, it is one of the most valuable weapons in Fallout 3.


Playstation 3Playstation 3 The name of the rifle may change to just "Plasma Rifle" in the Pip-Boy menu, but none of the weapon's stats will change.[verified]