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A. Jackson was a young transfer from Atomic Mining Services to Hornwright Industrial who worked on Project Motherlode.


A former employee of AMS with a Ph.D. from a state university, Jackson was transferred to Hornwright to work on the Motherlode project. Head researcher Jose Brigada was intrigued by her addition, but was initially skeptical of her abilities, joking that he hoped she could make a good coffee.[1][2] Brigada was shocked when, in under a month, she completed three of the outstanding research quandaries on the project, including intra-mineral communication, subcrustal navigation, and an automated voice response system. She also created an in-field repair system, which was capable of connecting to a system without work interruption. Brigada joked that he was unsure whether Hornwright should fire her for theft of AMS research or award her a Nobel prize.[2]

However, as CEO Daniel Hornwright began to take a more involved role in the project, he started to distract everyone working on the project with inconsequential and incessant demands to make the robot more "user-friendly" and "independent." Ms. Jackson became overworked and Dr. Brigada sympathized with her, all while he defied Hornwright's requests.[3][4][5] Eventually, Brigada's resistance led to his firing and Ms. Jackson replaced him as the head researcher. However, he left a warning urging Ms. Jackson to get out while she still could.[4]


The human resources database on the Hornwright archival terminal is corrupted and displays Jackson's name as "An[]el[] Jack[]on."


A. Jackson is mentioned only in Fallout 76.