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743.00Hz ULF radio signal

The 743.00 Hz ULF radio signal is a radio station that can be listened to in certain locations of the Sierra Madre. It allows one to eavesdrop on Father Elijah.

Act I

All of Elijah's Act 1 messages are spoken as if he's talking to himself, the player is eavesdropping on him.— Developer's comment
  • "Still can't figure out why I lost the signals..."
  • "There's no reason why it could have gone wrong, had it all planned out... maybe it was the curse of the Sierra Madre."
  • "Damn Cloud still in my lungs, rattling around."
  • "<AUDIO: Clatter of wrench dropping> Dammit, get back here."
  • "{Mumbling to himself, as if working on something and trying to re-wire a circuit.} "
  • "Good thing I installed radios in the collars, Pip-Boy's letting me pick them up."
  • "What the hell is 21 doing now... hnh."
  • "Fool better not decide to sleep. Vitals go down, I'll get someone else to do this job."
  • "Unnn... sitting too long. Damn arthritis."
  • "Come too far to go back now. Too far."
  • "Hnh. Going to wipe the slate clean. Kimball, the Republic... Hardin, McNamara, my "brothers." Then I'll head back West."
  • "Better loop some instructions in case something happens."
  • "Going to get inside this place if it's the last thing I do."
  • "Running out of volunteers. Last ones couldn't see beyond their own greed."
  • "If only people would do what I say, wouldn't need these damn collars to keep them in line. Keep going for each other's throats like dogs."
  • "Wish I... still had that damn Holorifle. Spent forever making it... need to find it when this is all done."

Act 2

Elijah's still speaking to himself, but the Gala Event went off and something happened, so he's getting interested.— Developer comment
  • "What the hell was that?"
  • "The Gala Event... finally. Probably wake up half the things in town."
  • "Power's fluctuating in here... getting some systems waking up, good, good."
  • "Now all they have to do is just get here. Tired of waiting."
  • "Hurry... hurry... you just need to get inside, I'll handle the rest. Come on, you fools."
  • "Not far now... soon, the Sierra Madre's mine. Doors won't hold open forever... just like the last time. Come on."

All of Elijah's Act 2 messages are spoken as if he's talking to himself, the player is eavesdropping on him. (Same as Act 1)— Developer comment
  • "All right, now everything's coming together..."
  • "Just need to keep their gears turning a little while longer..."
  • "Can't believe this old Pip-Boy saved me. Even if it led me to that damn signal in the first place."
  • "Good thing the new recruit had a Pip-Boy, too, probably stole it from a Vault 21 dweller. Still, a thief's just what I need for this."
  • "If only the others would've obeyed orders half as well as this one... should have thought of linking the collars together the first few times."
  • "Good thing I can still hook into the Villa speakers by remote..."
  • "Damn Hologram tech. Worthless as security... better as weapons."
  • "What the hell are they doing out there. Hurry up, you idiots, I don't have a few more years to waste."
  • "Outwitted by doors. Hermetically sealed doors don't protect anyone, all they do is seal us in."
  • "Why the owner tied all of this to the Gala Event, insanity... backwards thinking, having a festival be your key. No wonder the bombs fell."


Once inside the casino in Act 3, Elijah sets the radio on loop, now he's sure the player can hear him - they just can't talk back and forth.— Developer comment

Sierra Madre Casino

  • "Can you hear me? Signal should be stronger in here. I'll set this on loop... just in case I need to step away for a moment."
  • "When the bombs hit, this casino sealed up like an Emperor's tomb. If you don't know what that means, never mind, it means we're trapped."
  • "So - get the power running to the main floor. That'll open the elevators and unlock the doors."
  • "The ones that didn't strip their gears when they locked into place, Old World junk. Shoddy workmanship."
  • "Once the power's on, then I'll tell you your next steps. Just get this part done, and then listen."
  • "If you're wondering where your crew is, well... the casino saw them as guests. Which means they all got assigned to their floor. Just like mine."
  • "Don't worry about them, they're of no use if you can't get the power running."
  • "All I need is you for the rest of this. Which means we just need to deal with them, one by one, and then the Vault's... ours."

Power's on in Main Floor

  • "Ha! You got the power on, excellent. You were quite a find, glad my trap in the desert caught you before time ran out."
  • "And also glad you didn't come across this place first, might have plundered it first... can't have that. Like at HELIOS. And Hoover Dam. "
  • "All right, setting this on repeat in case you're some idiot-savant braincase and need the reminder... "
  • "So, my greedy friend, we've got some unfinished business. I'm not one to share, and there's loose ends we need to wrap up first. "
  • "The rest of your team is on different floors. They got assigned there, ushered there based on the casino's records as to the best "fit." "
  • "Don't ask me how, Pre-War casino security and escort systems aren't my specialty. "
  • "Go to each floor, and kill them. I don't need them anymore... well, now that you're here. "
  • "We don't need anyone... except each other. Together, we'll crack the Sierra Madre, and we can both leave this place behind. "

Dealt with Everyone

  • "Now... if anything about our little heist went smoothly, you'd go to the Vault... except it's locked by some code I'm not familiar with."
  • "The door to the casino vault is hidden in the Executive Suites, without the means to unlock it, it's useless. "
  • "Find a way to open it, bypass the code, then we'll talk. "

Elevator Door Unlocked

  • "You did it... a voice lock. Why would he have done that? Uh! Never mind. "
  • "Now I just need you to go below, look around. See if there's any other surprises down there. "
  • "I'll be along once you've found the Vault. No need risking myself just yet. "
  • "End of line. Wild Wasteland "

Elijah Trapped

This radio msg plays after Elijah is trapped in the Vault by PC (PC should be pleased). Elijah pleas, fades, and last 3 lines of this sequence loop.— Developer comment
  • "Heh... now, come on, you open up. Open up, damn you."[fn 1]
  • "Open the vault... I can make it worth your while, think about what you're throwing away. I have other weapons, other technology I can share with you."
  • "The collars... the collars were a mistake, I see that now. Why would I kill you? After all you've done... after all we've done together."
  • "Are you listening to me?!"
  • "Everything down here, I-I Swear, so much you could see! You Could rule the wastes with what's down here, make your own army, re-shape the world, and if others disagree... put collars on them, I can show you how."
  • "Don't you leave me here. You can't do this to me. {Coughs, wheezing}"
  • "Must be someone... maybe that other courier, one with the flag on his back... maybe... no... no, said he'd never come to the Sierra Madre..."
  • "No way out. Can't... can't end like this."
  • "You. I know you can hear me. When you die, Courier... I'll be waiting. Your grave's going look just like this vault."
Big Empty = Another place of buried treasures in Fallout, like the Sierra Madre.— Developer comment
  • "And the Big Empty... I know the way there. I know some of its secrets... if..."
At this point, Elijah is saying "you," really is thinking about what -he- could do with it all.— Developer comment
  • "Everything down here... I swear... so much you could use, you could rule the wastes with what's down here..."
<AUDIO: Depowering noise of Vault shutting down.>Elijah starts fumbling with his wrist-flashlight as things go dark...— Developer comment
  • "Eh? Getting dark in here. Machine... machine's losing power, no. I still have Pip-Boy light... maybe... maybe... no, no, that doesn't work."
<AUDIO: Scratching on metal, as if clawing at door.> Elijah is fumbling in the dark, talking to himself.— Developer comment
  • "Where... where is the door. Can't find the door."
Find that courier in the sense of killing them.— Developer comment
  • "Calm, been in worse situations... find a way out... somehow, then find that Courier..."
Veronica = His foster daughter, thinking about who could come rescue him.— Developer comment
  • "Maybe Veronica... no... no, she thinks I'm dead."
This radio plays after Elijah is trapped in the Vault by PC (PC should be pleased). This is the first line of the loop.— Developer comment
  • "When you die... I'll be waiting here... at the Sierra Madre. Waiting."


  1. Due to a scripting error, it appears the plea tends to skip in game. as such, the full plea can only be found in the game's files.