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108th Infantry Battalion

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the infantry regiment in Fallout 4, see 108th Infantry Regiment.

The 108th Infantry Battalion was a contingent of the United States Armed Forces.


The battalion was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska.[1] It was actively fighting Chinese forces in trenches while being shelled with artillery fire, and had several of their medics abducted by aliens.[2]



The 108th Infantry Battalion is mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.


  1. Lone Wanderer: "Can you tell me more about where you're from?"
    Elliott Tercorien: "Me? Well, I was a medic with the 108th Infantry Battalion stationed at Anchorage, Alaska. I was with a squad of five other medics... our job was to patch everyone up after the Commies gunned them down. It was pretty bloody... nothing at all like I expected when I gave up my hospital job to enlist in the Army."
    (Elliott Tercorien's dialogue)
  2. Lone Wanderer: "Tell me how you were captured by these aliens."
    Elliott Tercorien: "Well, it was getting dark... we had spent the day out in the trenches keeping as many of the guys alive as we could. Chinese had been pounding on us all day with artillery from these huge guns they had up on the mountains. It was really a mess. Anyway, we pitched our tents and stowed our gear to try and catch some shuteye. I woke up suddenly to Private Dawkins screaming... he was bathed in some kind of blue light coming from the sky. All of us just froze as he just... well... vanished. We didn't know what happened. Did the Chinese come up with some new weapon? Moments later, all of us were in the blue light too... the rest you know."
    (Elliott Tercorien's dialogue)