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.38 round (Fallout 76)

.38 rounds are a type of ammunition in Fallout 76.


.38 rounds are small caliber rimless rounds produced by Circle G ammunition, being packaged in fifty cartridge yellow and red boxes. The round is a light and common round used by the pipe gun, or as a conversion for larger caliber guns by attaching a .38 receiver.


Standard .38 rounds
Lead (6)
Steel (12)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Known by default
Ammosmith (optional)
Ammo Factory (optional)
.38 round (18)
Ultracite .38 rounds
Lead (12)
Steel (18)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Ammosmith (optional)
Ammo Factory (optional)
Ultracite .38 round (72)

Weapons using this ammunition

Weapons that are default chambered .38 rounds:

Modding the following weapons with the .38 receiver will allow one to use .38 rounds rather than the weapon's original chambered ammunition:



  • With the Ammosmith perk or Ammo Factory legendary perk, the crafted amount of rounds increase incrementally, coinciding with the perk's added percentages, crafting more rounds for the same amount of materials.
  • The box art for .38 rounds imply it is a rimmed cartridge but its round model is rimless.