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.38 round (Fallout 4)

The .38 round is a type of ammunition in Fallout 4.


Manufactured by Circle G, .38 rounds are small caliber ammunition. They were originally designed for double-action revolvers pre-War, but after the Great War, the ammunition's abundance made it a good choice for improvised weaponry. They were originally sold in boxes of 50 cartridges.


Steel (2)
Build/Scrapped at:

Weapons using this ammunition


  • A box of 17 rounds can be found on a patio table at the far south end of West Everett Estates.
  • A box of 11 rounds can be found inside a broken mailbox near the bridge at Sanctuary Hills.
  • A box of eight rounds can be found inside a shattered display case in the gun shop at Forest Grove Marsh.
  • Three individual rounds can be found in the main deck of the Prydwen, on the desk with the outgoing mail terminal.
  • Found on any NPC using weapons chambered to .38.
  • Oftentimes seen in reasonable amounts in ammo boxes.
  • Virtually every merchant sells some amount of .38 ammo.


Box art for .38 rounds implies that they are rimmed cartridges used in revolvers but weapons in game treat it as an automatic pistol cartridge. The model for a .38 cartridge is rimless.